I'm sorry but I really can't. My margins are tight because each piece requires a lot of labor to dig/prepare and overhead costs like the payment service, advertising, shipping supplies, packaging time, delivering to USPS, taxes and so forth.  Most of the staffs, for example, require a box that is measured by USPS to be 104" combined (circumerence + length), and the largest they even accept is 108".  These boxes are large.  A staff shipped a state away may cost $25 to ship, whereas the same one to the west coast may cost $99.25 to ship. To offer free shipping on a staff, for example, would mean adding $100 to the current price.  This could potentially cause the loss of closer sales and wouldn't be fair.  The only thing I can often do is possibly fit two in one box and refund the shipping on one. Find a friend and split the shipping, just ask me first because certain ones may not nest into a single box. Small weight changes don't affect the shipping rate like size.