Large wizard staff

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This is a birch staff with a root ball that is a little lighter in dimensions. It is curved and weighted heavier on one side. It stands 71" tall and the shaft ranges from 1" to 2" in diameter. The roots occupy a volume about 8" by 6" by 3-1/2" tall. It was harvested on 4/12/21 and peeled with a drawknife and a gouge. A few days later and it weighs 3# 5ozs. It'll lose more of the weight as it seasons. Use it as is or sand it,burn it,carve it etc. Just wait until it is fully dry if you are going to seal it with a film forming finish.(ufws38) Update: this is fully dried

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I bought this for my fiancé and he LOVES IT! He’s really excited to get to working on it and making it his own. Thank you! :)

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