Unfinished Cane


Here is an unfinished natural curved Tamarack (Larch) walking cane. Tamarack roughly translates as "snowshoe wood" and it is actually a deciduous conifer. This cane is still somewhat fresh so expect it to lose some weight and develop a few checks as it dries. At present it weighs 1# 4 oz and stands 37-1/4" tall. The grip has a slight jog to the side as well as being angled upwards as compared to a full rounded loop. The shaft ranges from 1-1/8" to 1-3/8" in diameter and also has a slight god-leg towards the bottom. It is a strong specie and has a good weight transfer path, though a stronger grasp may be needed for the open loop. It was harvested and stripped with a drawknife so there are facets and nicks present. Once dry it should be lightly sanded and sealed at the least, but obviously it would be a good candidate for carving,wood-burning,painting and so forth. Unlike maple Tamarack takes stain nicely.(uc12)
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