Large Black Cherry burl bowl


When is a bowl not a bowl? When it has four through-holes in it from the natural convolutions of the burl. More of a basket than a bowl. It would make a good crock replacement to display kitchen utensils or a nice planter to hold a pot. This burl is rock hard and riddled with small wood borer holes and tracks. Alone it weighs 5# 7.3 ozs and it stands 7-3/4" tall. The major diameter is 9-1/2", the top is 7-1/4" and the bottom is 6-5/8". The inside of the mouth is 5-3/4" in diameter, and the "bowl" is 6" deep. As evidenced by the annular rings this burl grew around the trunk. The original burl is pictured and this bowl was turned from the bottom half. Please note there are still tooling marks inside on the bottom because final sanding becomes too dangerous with the holes. The entire bowl has been sealed with two coats of oil based polyurethane.

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