Large Black Cherry burl bowl


This burl bowl weighs 9# 10.5 ozs. all on its own. It is turned from a Black Cherry burl. It is riddled with small borer holes along with the gorgeous cherry "eyes" in the grain. As you can see it has some live edge where the bark is intact, as well as a few checks and a knot. Overall it is 10-3/8" in diameter at the largest, while the base is 5-7/8" in diameter. The inner diameter of the bowl is 7-3/8" at the top and it tapers down to 6-1/2"ish. The inside of the bowl is 6" deep. You could undoubtedly find a plastic planting pot to drop in it for the favorite plant (as long as it doesn't have drain holes) or you could simply use it for candy, nuts or whatnot. It has been sealed with two coats of satin oil based polyurethane.

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