jewelry or trinket burl bowl


This is a small integral bowl and base turned from a wormy, dry rot Black Cherry burl. It would be ideal as a jewelry, trinket or coin dish. Please be aware that it is riddled with borer holes in every direction and the live edge of the burl is the top of the bowl. There are so many borer channels that it is almost prickly. The other half of this burl was less "wormy" and was also turned into a jewelry bowl and is listed as well. It has a nice cupped base to hold loose items and measures about 7-1/2"x5-1/2"by about 1/2" thick. The bowl is about 3-1/2" outside diameter and 2-9/16" inside diameter. On the tall side the bowl is about 1-1/2" deep. It has been finished with 2 coats of oil based polyurethane.
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