Burl Side Table


Quaint and elegant live-edge burl side table. It fits nicely against a wall or nestles comfortably in a corner. The burl top is a 1-1/2" slice of Yellow Birch with vibrant flames of grain that glimmer in the light. The base is an inverted triple top from a Balsam Fir. They are secured together with two index pins and one 5/16" blind bolt (1/2" hex head) from underneath. There are three standard adjustable leveling glides to compensate for any wood movement from humidity cycles. The base has subtle drawknife facets for character accentuated by a light colonial maple stain. The base did have a few pockets of rot that were removed and filled with wood putty . Rot is a common characteristic of a Balsam with a double or triple top (leader) because of the history of the tree. When a Balsam top breaks off from wind or ice the top branches arc up to form a new leader. Sometimes one leader takes over but oftentimes a double leader or triple leader ends up competing for sun. Where the original top broke off is where water and insects can enter the tree...hence the start of rot. The entire table has two coats of satin oil based polyurethane.
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