Finished cane


We all know that individual with a humble but yet bad-ass attitude. Maybe it's you even. All I did was take a heavy hardwood cane and engrave part of the famous quote from Theodore Roosevelt from 1900. "Speak easy and carry a big stick...". Anyone who deserves this cane will probably be able to finish the quote. This is not laser etched by a cnc it was done freehand with a router...hence it has a folk-art look.
This particular walking cane is 36-3/4" currently and weighs 1# 9oz. It is a robust Black Cherry that ranges from 1-3/8" to 1-1/2" in diameter. Considering its size it would be handy for a heavy individual or a defensive situation. It has a larger grip hence it would be more suitable for a larger hand.(fc19)
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