6' freestanding hat tree


This is a crooked, natural Black Cherry hat tree, coat tree, hall tree or whatever you may call it. It stands 6' tall on a simple softwood base. It is hard to find a sapling with enough branches to be useful, but this one had plenty. Most of the branches are heavy enough to hold a coat, but there are two tiny ones that would be ideal for car keys or the like. The branches barely fit in a 9X x9" (X72") box, which is the largest priority mail size that can be shipped. The "tree" was stripped of bark, seasoned and sealed with 2 coats of polyurethane. It is all natural, crooked and full or "heart checks" from the drying process. These "heart checks" are splits that start at the pith (the heart) and extend out only one direction as the wood dries and the inside tension is released. It has rustic charm. The base is a simple dadoed white pine with dark stain and polyurethane. It occupies maybe a 25" square area on the floor. In order to be shipped it will require assembly with eight screws, all predrilled with numbered and indexed parts. The "tree" is secured with four of the screws and tightened accordingly to adjust the relative plumbness of the unit. This was originally built for a request, but unfortunately I can't reach the individual so here it is.

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