Finished Loon cane

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Here is a hand carved Loon cane out of a naturally curved birch sapling. The loon is the iconic Adirondack symbol, and you never forget your first encounter. The black color is flame charred and the other colors are carved out and painted. The charred black is pretty in the sunlight as the natural grain comes through in some areas. Loons have red eyes during the mating season so it is a real depiction...nature is beautiful. It weighs 1# 2ozs and stands 37" tall with the included gray rubber tip. It can obviously be cut shorter. It is a nice 1-1/4" in diameter for most of its length and the head seats nicely in the palm. The shaft is not straight and the head is a little offset but the weight transfer provides a solid feeling. Birch is a light colored wood so I toned it down with a light cherry stain. The whole cane was sealed with two applications of a clear floor finish followed by furniture wax. This would be suitable for most individuals.

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