Adirondack natural curved walking stick


Adirondack walking stick, hiking staff or trekking pole. Call it what you may. Very functional natural curved saplings with a whimsical charm beckoning from a bygone era. Every walking stick started as a sapling that was that was altered by the elements or wildlife. Although they attempt to grow they are ill-fated. By selectively removing them from a stand the remaining straight saplings will prosper into a healthier mature forest. Every sapling was legally sourced from the Adirondack mountains of NY. They have been dried, sanded and finished with two coats of oil based satin polyurethane. Depending on the species and the season they were harvested many of them have intact cambium present from hand peeling. Each one has a lanyard of 550# 7 strand paracord more than 10' in length which can be a big asset in a survival situation. The lanyard length can be easily changed by simply relocating the double knot. It also sports a small liquid filled back-up compass. It should only be considered a back-up because it is too small to navigate and triangulate with but it is good if all else fails. Please note that any compass is only useful with a map and the knowledge of orienteering. Any compass can become demagnetized so they should be compared for accuracy. Under the compass is a small 5ml container that can hold a few 2" long survival matches (not included due to shipping restraints). You can easily customize the length of the staff by simply removing the cane tip and cutting. You will want to make the gripping area a comfortable height but be sure to leave the staff tall enough to help descending terrain.
This particular walking stick is Tamarack and weighs 1lb. 9.4oz. on its own. It is 55" in length and varies from 1" to 2" in diameter.(s17)
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