Finished natural cane


Here is a naturally formed Balsam Fir walking cane. It stands about 35-1/2" tall currently and can be easily cut shorter. Being softwood it is extremely light, hence this one weighs in at only 13ozs with the included cane tip. This has not been reduced in size at all, as evidenced by the traces of inner bark on the entire piece. You will notice there is the start of decay evident in the pith exposed on the back of the grip. This is typical of a crooked, choked out maybe the result of being bent over years ago for that matter. The grip girth is a nice 1-1/2" diameter and the tip is about 11/16" in diameter. It is better suited to a lighter individual probably in the 150# range but that depends on how much weight will be applied to it. It has been seasoned and finished with two coats of floor finish.(fc38)

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