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This is a gorgeous mostly dead Tamarack tree leader. It sat in unappreciated in my raw material rack for a few years so I figured I would finish it to show the beauty. The clump of branches at the "top" was the only live portion, hence the color. The rest of the shaft is comprised of a variety of healed scars, dead gray bare wood and more solid brown patches where the bark was still intact. The variety of colors and textures is beautiful and the dead shaft has nice heart checks (splits to the pith) down the entire length. The sun was a little bright to see the full beauty...I'll try to add a few photos during a dim day later. It stands just shy of 72" tall and the barbs will require an 8" square girth box to ship. The shaft ranges from 1-1/4" in diameter up to 1-3/4". The live portion was stripped of bark with a drawknife and everything was lightly sanded, hence it has subtle facets and gorgeous colors. It was sealed with two applications of a floor finish, and no colored stains were used. It weighs 3#2ozs. This is one of my prettiest specimens to date. (fs233)

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