Short Adirondack walking stick


Here is another cool example of Black Cherry gummosis. If you look at the last two pictures you can see what it looked like prior to stripping and finishing It is the tree's response to an injury. It produces a lot of sap that collects and encases the wound. It isn't sticky like pine pitch, but rather it is slippery and gelatinous. It does dry over time so some of the older clumps turn brittle. Oftentimes it does save the tree, but the interruption also makes the coolest grain disfigurements. When these get large they are referred to as burls, and as you can see from the grain this is the start. It stands 4' tall and there is a slight curve over the entire length. It has a few checks and splits from releasing tension as it dried. The bottom is roughly 1-1/4" in diameter, then it drops to 1" in the middle and returns to 1-3/8" on top. The burl section is roughly 2-1/4" to 2-3/4" in width. It has a simple soft double braid lanyard of #550 7 strand paracord that can be unraveled inro a 12' length of rope if needed or 84' of individual strand. It weighs 2# 1 ozs and it has been finished and sealed with two applications of a clear floor polyurethane. A rubber like tip is included. (S20)
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