Tall Adirondack walking stick

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Here is a tall Red Maple watersprout. It stands 62" tall and weighs 2#11ozs. The top and bottom are about 1-1/2" in diameter. It has funky wide flat portions, odd fissures and the center diameter dips to maybe 1-1/4. It is not straight but it returns to the same vector. If you lay it on a flat surface it takes up maybe a 3" x 3" (x 62") space . A watersprout, a.k.a. sucker, grows off lower trunk/roots of a larger tree, and they are always odd. Oftentimes they have a lot of nodes and bumps like root stock, but this one only has odd convoluted shapes. Watersprouts are always denser than the parent tree. They are slow growing and cling to life. This one was on the way out so the adhered cambium gives it a rich character. It also has a soft double braid 550# 7 strand paracord lanyard which can be unraveled and used in emergencies, it is probably 12 or 13' in length. It is simply adjustable by tying a knot at the desired length and in addition I drilled three(3) through holes at 5-1/2" intervals, hence it can be easily adjusted to your grip height. It comes with a rubber tip and it has been sealed with two coats of a floor polyurethane. (S18) Please visit done-well.com for more

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