Short Adirondack walking stick


Here is a cool Black Cherry staff that suffered from "gummosis", hence it has a beautiful scarred, disfigured area. Gummosis is the tree's response to deal with an injury or infestation. It produces a lot of jelly-like coagulated sap/pitch that covers wounds and fills voids. This "jelly" skins over and gets hard and crunchy on the outside . When you scrape it out and clean up the area the gorgeous disfigurement is exposed. This one stands only 53" tall and is about 1-1/2" in diameter except the scarred area that is almost 3" wide. It weighs 3# 2 ozs and it comes with a rubber tip as well as and adjustable soft double braided lanyard of real 550# 7 strand paracord. In an emergency the lanyard can be unbraided into a 12' or 13' rope or 7 strands that long. As most cherry this developed a "heart check" (split to the pith) along much of it's length. It has been sealed with two coats of a floor polyurethane. (S19)
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