Large wizard staff and skull


Here are the components for a cool staff, rough, unassembled and essentially a kit. The staff is a Black Cherry with a nice cradle formed by the roots. It is a few weeks fresh as of 10/24/22, hence it needs to dry more before it can be finish sanded and sealed. It stands just shy of 6' tall and the shaft varies from 1-1/4" to 2" in diameter. It has a neat hollow, scarred wound that is about 15" long. It ships in an 72x8x8 box. The coyote skull also came from here. It is far from perfect. The lower mandible is split in half, it is missing a lot of teeth and it is discolored from the strange mud it was resting in. In the pics I just have a few pieces of scotch tape to crudely hold it together just for the photo opp, it will need glue here and there. Sadly at least 2 of the canine teeth are missing, so you might have to do gold replacements and glue the rest of them back in. The staff weighs just over five pounds currently and the skull is under six ounces. Finish it as you desire, but the skull fits so well I didn't want to separate them. (ufws221)
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