Large extra tall wizard staff


This is a raw material that will require finesse and skill to complete. I did a custom order awhile back with a similar tree, this one is just a little larger. It is from one odd Balsam Fir that was stunted, all one piece. This is only the second specimen I have found. It would make an ideal lantern holder with some work. I stripped the bark and roughly curved the branches into a ball, which represents a few hours of labor. The "ball" is 11" tall. The branches are only secured with cable ties (zip ties) currently to train them while they are still fresh and wet. This tree literally had about a six foot spread, and you can see how Balsam branches radiate in a pentagonal shape as it grows. This also had a sixth branch just underneath the row, hence I left it intact. If you look closely you will see there is a green patch of moss that capped over the top of the tree. It was broken or gnawed off a long time ago which altered the shape. I recommend that you only remove one or two cable ties at a time as you replace then with spirally wrapped wire or tie them off in leather, yarn, etc.. You might be able to tweak the shape into a rounder form as you replace the cable ties. They will be brittle if you try to alter it too much, hence one zip tie at a time or you will have a mess. Currently it stands 76" tall and it squeezes into a 8" x 8" girth box. I can cut it shorter and it would ship for less. Notice the diameter of the top as compared to my index finger, it is roughly 5/8" in diameter. The bottom of the shaft is about 1-1/4" round. It weighs 1#4.1oz (ufws220)
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