Unfinished crotch crutches (pair)


Okay here is a pair of crotch crutches that I forgot to list. Maybe it'll give hope to the naturalist who suffered a setback or that hermit friend who hates technology. They are maple and fairly beefy. Currently they stand 55-1/4" tall to the armpit cradle. The bottom will have to be cut off depending on the person's height. The hand grips are somewhat adjustable by removing an acorn nut and the 1/4" threaded (through) rod. It requires a 7/16 wrench/pliers. They can be adjusted so the top of the grip is between 14" and 18-1/2" below the top of the armpit saddle. The armpit saddles are attached with three blind mortise holes and one small crotch, all pinned with cut nails. These were assembled when the saplings were fresh, and as they dried you'll see the tension split the one small crotch holding the saddle. To negate this split the crotch was pinned and "clinched" on the backside with a cut fire-door clinch nail. One of the nails pinning the saddle to the crotch also split around the nail as it dried, hence it has a little wood glue. The strength of a natural tree crotch is impressive so they are very functional, but use your own judgement. The large bottoms are 1-3/8" and 1-9/16" in diameter, and the uprights vary from 7/8" to 1-1/16" in diameter. The one pic shows how the armpit saddle and handgrip are askew to each other(on the crotch one), but it doesn't seem like a drawback when you use them. These are unfinished and can be used as-is or sealed. They will also have to be fitted with crutch tips. They are not included because I couldn't find proper ones in our one-horse town. You may want to whittle one down once the crutches are cut to length simply to use matching rubber tips.
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