Extra tall wizard staff

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Here is a fresh (8/4/22) Red Maple peeled staff. Unlike most of the others this one was peeled like a banana and hardly has a scrape on it. Most of the time they require a drawknife to strip the bark, but not this one. It stands 76" tall and fits in an 8" x 8" x 76" box. This is the limit for priority mail. It is a big box and it is expensive to ship with inflation...please realize that usps charges me what you see, I don't benefit from the shipping. Currently it weighs 5# 2 ozs, and it'll dry down much more. The shaft ranges from 1-1/4" in diameter up to 2-1/4". It has a nice offset for hanging a lantern as well as a slight cradle to mount something on top. The neat lines you see on the root ball are natural, I'm thinking they were made by a bark-borer but I'm not certain. You'll also notice it has a dead girdled area that it scabbed around and continued to grow in spite of. Do with it as yo wish (ufws214)
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