Large wizard staff blank

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Here is a true raw burl blank for carving. It is a black cherry specimen that will have beautiful "eyes" and colors when it is worked and finished. It is almost an ideal base for a perching raven, although one wing is much smaller. The burl girth is about 4" x 5" at the thickest areas and abou 10" tall. The staff itself stands 69-1/2" as is, and currently the burl extends between 56" and 66" off the ground. The shaft has been reduced somewhat with a drawknife to be 1-5/8" to 2" in diameter. These burls are hard with wild grain directions, hence it is best to carve wit a carbide rotary burr rather than a chisel and knife. Once shaped and sanded smooth you'll want to probably use and oil based clear finish to make the grain and color visually pop. Pleas note that Cherry always splits when it dries too fast and this is no exception. The burl already has some good heart splits in it which you will have to incorporate or fill, but that is character. Currently it weighs 5# 14ozs and you can expect it to lose a lot more moisture weight as yo are working with it. Just don't seal that moisture in. In the pics the burl has only been stripped of bark and there is still some cambium present. The burl itself will look a lot more vibrant when it is exposed.(ufws 209)

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