Finished walking stick

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This is a Red Maple "sucker" or watersprout. It grows off the base of the tree and it's grain and characteristics seem to be more like the root stock. This one stands 55-1/2" tall and the tether height is at 49". The shaft ranges from 1-1/4" in diameter up to 1-1/2". It was stripped with a drawknife, hence there are some smooth facets and grain tear-out as well. It was lightly sanded in order to leave some of the character and cambium intact. Once it was seasoned it was coated with 2 applications of a floor polyurethane. The lanyard is a soft double braid of 550# 7 strand paracord, about 13' in length when unravelled. A rubber tip is included. Altogether it weighs 2# 11 ozs. (S21)
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