Large Wizard Staff/lantern staff


Here's a fresh cool one. Cut and stripped on 3/16/22...wet and heavy at 4#10ozs on 3/17. It is a sign spring is on the way. The specie is Red Maple and it is a "sucker" or watersprout that grew off the root buttress. It's more like root stock when you work with it as opposed to lumber from the trunk. It stands 68-1/2" tall and the shaft ranges from 1-1/4" in diameter up to 2". It is a natural curve, although I had to shave the end down to make it fit (tight) in a 9" x 9" x 70" box. Hence shipping gets expensive at that size, but it's cool. When I was stripping the bark with a drawknife I shaved a little relief into the one segment to make it look more like a horn. It will need sanding when it dries out is too wet to sand. Do with it as you wish, just realize it'll be a few months before it can be top-coated with a paint or sealer. (ufws201)

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