Unfinished crotch crutch

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This is a touch of whimsy and rustic that might bring a few unexpected smiles. Ideal for the minimalist, naturalist or anyone who beckons for the simple times. Ideal for the injured soul. It isn't symmetrical or refined. It may not be balanced. Currently it is in the rough...fresh and unfinished. It is made out of a White Birch crotch. It stands 55" tall currently and the base can be cut down to adjust the height. The crutch grip is pinned with a through bolt (1/4" carriage) and it can be adjusted to four different heights, about 14" to 18" below the armpit. I used my aluminum cane (pictured for reference) as a guide. Right now the wood version is the approximate height for a 6' person...and the bottom can be cut off according to you needs. The armpit bar is 8-1/2" long and it has been mortised about an inch deep for the uprights. Once inserted they were pinned with old cut nails. The uprights start at about 1" in diameter at the crotch and taper to 3/4" at the top. The bottom is about 1-1/4" in diameter and it is capped with a rubber tip. This was assembled fresh and wet on 3/30/22 and today it weighs 2# 11 ozs. It will lose a lot more moisture weight as it seasons. It also might develop some drying splits and exhibit some shrinkage, but it only adds character for the character using it. The movable grip has loose tolerances to start just so it can be adjusted. You'll need a 7/16" wrench and a block of wood to tap the carriage bolt out if it has to be moved. The bark was stripped with a drawknife hence it has a hand hewn look. It'll require some light sanding when it dries down more at which time you could seal it with a clear finish. Please note I am not a medical professional and I can no guarantee the working load limit of the crutch. I feel it is more than sufficient for a 160# or lighter individual. Maybe more. This is only a single crutch to replace a cane when more support is needed. I can obviously cut it to your specs if you take measurements off your current crutch. I will be listing a pair of heavier maple crutches as well as a single heavier birch, or feel free to solicit a custom order. Update: this is plenty dry to finish

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