Pallet jewelry Box


Here is a jewelry box made of five different species from old, very used pallets. Pallets are just a utility grade wood and after they are abused it's hard to find flat enough boards to reuse. The boards were only surfaced and sanded on one side, hence the thickness varies drastically. The wood was so beautiful that I chose to put all of the surfaced faces out except for the oak top that had gorgeous circular mill marks. On the inside of the box are all of the original rough pallet surfaces. One of them even has a rust ring probably from the rim of a 55 gallon barrel. As stated the top is oak. The bottom is a pine, the two ends are the same wood probably an imported specie unfamiliar to me. The front is also probably an imported rain forest specie...that's just a guess. If I knew the country of origin I might be able to venture a guess...but I have no clue. The back, however, is clearly a chunk of curly maple. It's amazing to see what some pallets are made out of. In the inside you'll also see some of the wood was cut on a band mill, while others were sliced on different sizes of circular mills. The box is glued together and it has simple dado joints on the sides and shallow rabbets as well to accept the bottom. These joints increase the glue surface but I mainly used them to control the thickness of the sides where they meet. The outside dimensions are 8-3/4" by 5-11/16" by 3-3/4" high. It has brass hardware and two coats of a hybrid water/oil floor finish.

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