Wormy Butternut jewelry box

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Here is an interesting wormy Butternut slab box with a spruce pallet board bottom. Wood slabs are the waste off a sawmill...a lot of wood is wasted to make dimensional lumber. I cut these slabs and figured I would make a slab box out of them, but the flat surfaces were beautiful (in comparison to the live edge) so I turned the slabs inside out and left the top as is. Hence inside the box you'll see the front and back are curved and uneven, a bit of nature on the inside. The top has a pretty healed over scar that makes it unique. Throughout the box are holes and channels made by wood borers that add to the novelty. It has simple dado joints on the corners in order to deal with the thickness differences, and the bottom is rabbeted into the front and back to make it a uniform width. The joints are glued and nailed with copper tacks. The hardware is brass and the entire box has been finished with two coats of a water/oil hybrid floor finish.

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Very excellent handiwork and craftsmanship.

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