Pallet jewelry box


Here is a simple box made out of old weathered pallet wood. Three of the sides are oak, and the back side even has some tiger stripe from being quarter sawn. The bottom of the box is in the pine family. The top and possibly the front are probably a hardwood, but it is hard to identify in the weathered decayed form. I believe the dark dots and streaks on the top are decay or spalting, which would be common in utility grade lumber. It also has two digs in the top from its pallet life. None the less it is gorgeous. This box does have some simple dado joints on the sides and the top has rabbets and dados to compensate for the varying lumber thickness. It has been glued and screwed with traditional flathead screws that were reused. The brass hinges,clasp and jack chain are new...I couldn't find suitable salvaged material. This box is a little lighter and smaller and weighs 2# 3 ounces. It has been finished with two coats of a water/oil hybrid floor finish.

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