Convertible side table


Here is a convertible side table depending on your preference. It comes as two pieces ( in two boxes) and you can assemble it either direction. It is made out of a natural Balsam Fir tree top with a solid White Oak top (and legs.) It weighs 38# 12 ozs. The Balsam Fir shape is a prime example of old wind and/or ice storm damage. It occurs when the top of the tree breaks off and the highest boughs compete to become the new leader. Typically one takes over, and sometimes two or even three. Rarely do you see four somewhat symmetrical boughs existing after many years of growth. These boughs spread to create almost an even 20" square. Sadly where the tree breaks off initially rot and decay set in and it typically leads to the demise of the tree. This one is no different. The inside is hollow and it is cracked all the way through. You can see where the pitch flowed out to create a scab, You can also see the tree branches that extend into the hollow void where they started life. The White Oak top is made out of only two pieces doweled and glued together. It is a solid 1-3/8" thick and it only has one empty knot hole all the way through. It does have a few "checks" (splits) in the end grain as well as two tiny wood borer holes. The base is a cross that has been half lapped and dadoed togeter. The "cross" is 20-1/2" on each member. This table stands 2' tall and it is 26-5/8" in diameter. The "trunk" is about 6-1/2" in diameter and the cut ends of the boughs vary from 2" to 3-1/4" in diameter. It would be idea as a stand alone side table or prefect as an end table at the end of a couch or arm chair. Pleas note that it would obviously be more stable when assembled with the larger dimension on the floor. Hence if you have young kids or pets it might be more wiser. Erecting it with the boughs reaching upward is my preference though. It has a rustic and somewhat Asian flair. The entire piece has been finished with two applications of a hybrid water/oil floor urethane. It is environmentally conscious and hard wearing as well. All of the hardware is included and it has been predrilled where needed. There are four levelling feet to compensate for crooked floors or in case there is wood movement. They get threaded into the 1/4" - 20 tee nuts installed in both ends in case. If the top is installed on the cross there are screws provided to attach them together. They go in predrilled holes that are currently plugged with decorative brass screws in case it is erected with the cross down. If the cross is on the floor there are short set screws that will help align the top, as well as four small corner braces to secure the top. Either way should take less than five minutes to assemble. In order to ship USPS priority it require two boxes. The Macbook is just for scale and is not included: )

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