slab/pallet jewelry box


Here is a simple box made from waste wood. The sides and top are live edge slabs which is just waste off of a sawmill. People don't realize how much wood is wasted to make dimensional lumber. The bottom of the box is just a piece of pine pallet. The slabs are hard maple but both ends are a little lighter in weight from being "dead" portions, still sound but they show the precursor to decay. The inside faces of the slabs have been surfaced and sanded, but the outside faces were left as is, color and all. On the back side there is a scar from possibly a cant hook or a log dog from the process. The joints on the box are just simple wood biscuits and glue, the hinges, jack chain and clasp are brass and it has felt feet. It is heavy at 4# 8 ounces, and it is finished with two coats of an oil/water hybrid floor finish.

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