Woodpecker walking stick


So this staff isn't as functional as others because it has a few severe swoops and curves. What it does have is beautiful grain patterns and a real rectangular mortised woodpecker hole. It would be perfect for the birdwatcher. This started off as a Black Cherry that was infested at one point with wood borers and probably carpenter ants as well judging from the tunnel. Black Cherry responds to injury by producing a lot of jelly-like pitch or sap. I believe it's called gumosis. At any rate the entire lump (where the hollowed out portion is) was about three inches in diameter composed of fresh and dry "gum" that had to be scooped out. This has been seasoned, sanded and coated with two coats of floor poly followed by johnson wax. It comes wit a rubber tip as well as a soft double braided #550 paracord lanyard (which is about 12' or 13' if you undo it for emergency use.) It stands 52" tall and the shaft ranges in diameter from 1-1/8{" to 1-3/4". It weighs two pounds. Unfortunately it isn't straight so it isn't perfect if you have to rely on it, but it is a gorgeous example of how the woodpecker thrives. (S20)

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