Pallet wood lockbox


This is a crude but finished lockbox made from old pallets. It is not straight or true. It has no joints in the construction short of the mortised security hinges. It has cool textures and colors from old pallets that have been used most recently (last five years) for firewood storage. It is nailed and glued with rosehead cut nails from the Tremont company. The edges and faces have not been trued, surfaced or sanded at all, only the raw butt joints where it was cut to length. The top and bottom appear to be a domestic oak of some sort, but it is hard to identify without a planed surface. The top and bottom were cut on a large circular mill which left the telltale pattern. The sides of the box are a little harder to identify without knowing the country or region the pallet came from. They were cut on a band mill as evidenced by the vertical lines. It might be a domestic wood but I believe it is "rainforest" wood maybe in the mahogany family?? It has $15 of hardware and finish on it and four felt feet on little "bunk blocks" like a pallet would have. It was not sanded or cleaned except for easing the sharp edges. It has been sealed with two coats of a hybrid oil/water floor urethane. Put your own little padlock on it and you will keep out the honest people around friends, families and roommates. Alone it weighs 3#12ozs and the outside dimensions appear in the pics. Cool textures on this one.

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