Large wizard staff

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Here is a different one. It is a White Birch staff that has masses and growths on it which are all root node clusters trying to grow. Why some do this while others don't would take a dendrologist to explain...not me. This whole staff has been rough sanded. The shaft was stripped of bark with a drawknife like most others but the dry, tight bark on the convoluted shapes had to be stripped with carbide burrs. This is a time consuming process where you gradually use finer grit to get a nice finish. This is not quite ready for finish, there is more finish sanding that you'll have to do to get rid of some scratches and gouges. What it ends up with are nice clusters of nodes that will refract and reflect light if you use a clear oil finish. It stand 69-1/4" tall and the shaft varies from 1-1/4" to 2" in diameter. The roots occupy a space of just under 8" by 8" by 7" tall. Currently it weighs 3# 11oz (on 1/3/22) and it still has some drying to go before it should be sealed.(ufws194)
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