Camera monopod walking stick


This is a camera monopod walking stick with a ball compass mounted in a burl cap. The hardwood staff stands 59-3/8" tall to the top of the compass. If you unscrew the cap it stands 57-3/8" tall and exposes a 1/4"-20 threaded stainless steel(non-magnetic so it won't affect the compass) stud. Threading your camera on the stud is very helpful for long exposure or telephoto shots. It also has a soft, double braided lanyard to help hold the staff and steady the shot. It is made out of real 550# paracord ideal for survival purposes. Unbraided length is around 13'. The ball compass is a handy, fast pointing compass that works at all angles as you walk. It reads the true coordinates, north is north etc. It is mounted in a hand-turned Black Cherry burl complete with grain rays and borer holes. It incorporates a brass (non-magnetic again) threaded insert to screw onto the camera stud. The shaft ranges from 1" to 1-3/8" in diameter and the rubber tip is included. It was stripped with a drawknife, seasoned, lightly sanded and sealed with two coats of floor polyurethane followed by Johnson wax. When it was stripped and sanded some tight cambium was left intact for the novel look. The total weight is 1# 13ozs.
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