Short large wizard staff


This is a 5' tall Alder staff. It is real lightweight at just under two pounds. This is Tag Alder, which is an important "shrub" in bog succession into a conifer forest. They support nitrogen fixing bacteria which form nodules on the root masses...pretty cool stuff. As with most tag alder this has a drastic curve. These are challenging and time consuming to harvest as well as strip. They look dirty and ragged after the process, so this one was rough sanded to clean it up some. It can use a lot more meticulous sanding on the roots. The shaft on this one ranges from 1-1/4" to 1-3/4" in diameter and the root mass is about 7" by 8" by 7" tall. When you account for the curve it barely fits in an 8" by 8" box.(ufws193)
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