Finished cane


This is probably the most unique natural cane I have harvested. Please make note that it is comfortable in the right hand only, and the overall height is 33-3/4" with the included tip. I can make it shorter if need be. Also noteworthy is the only way to grip it (in my opinion) is with your the index finger down the shaft and your middle finger in the groove. The groove is the unique part. This is a branch from the crown of a Black Cherry tree. Apparently it broke over another branch probably from wind or wet snow. Even though it broke over it was still nourished and continued to grow. It did not grow into the other branch but simply formed scar tissue. It looks like the branch also grew a sprout at the break to continue upward. This nub along with the curved saddle and groove form a nice grip. The shaft on this cane is about 1-1/8" in diameter throughout. The bark was stripped with a drawknife, it was seasoned, lightly sanded and finished with three coats of floor polyurethane. The drawknife leaves irregular facets and nicks, and the light sanding merely smooths out the edges. Hence it has a nice hand-hewn appearance when it catches the light. It weighs 1#4ozs and being a hardwood specie it is suitable for most.(fc37)
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