Finished cane


Here is a tasteful, handcrafted classic cane . The specie is Balsam Fir and it stands 36" tall with the included tip. I can cut it shorter if need be. This cane is extremely lightweight weighing only 12 ozs. The shaft is 1" to 1-1/2" diameter with a gentle curve and return. It was stripped with a drawknife, seasoned and only lightly sanded. Hence it has smooth irregular facets which create wild patterns from the different annular rings that were exposed. The grip was reduced and given a little more "crook" to hold. The grip was also sanded smoother to make it more comfortable. It has features like knots, some grain tear out and a little pitch pocket scar near the grip. It is a "finished rustic" natural curved cane. It has been sealed with three coats floor polyurethane on top of a subtle brown stain (coffee grounds) to highlight the grain. It was then burnished with Johnson wax for a nice satin gloss. It is a very capable cane but being a softwood it is best for an average or lighter individual.(fc36)

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