Extra large wizard staff

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This is another tree leader, versus my normal root ball. This one is Black Cherry and it will ship in a 9" square by 72" long box. The shaft on this one zigs and zags in all directions, and it is all about 1-1/2" in diameter. This one had more taper to it but I reduced the shaft with a drawknife to make it a more constant diameter. The four branches out the top are not very typical, the leader must have been broken off at some point causing it to grow in this shape. A big open cradle like this could be used to display a good sized object. This one was cut and stripped yesterday, and today (12/7/21) it weighs 3# 12ozs. Being cherry it'll probably lose a third of this weight and develop a few splits as it dries out. Just don't seal it until it does.(ufws191)
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