Knock-down lantern hanging staff


Update: This is a two piece staff that has a knock-down joint right in the middle with about 6" of overlap. Each piece is about 46" long. The last pic is a close-up of the joint. The hardware is included and you can either assemble/disassemble it as needed OR you can assemble it once with wood glue and wrap the area with a grip to conceal the joint.

This staff is Balsam Fir and it stands about 7'tall currently. It has a slight "crook" at the top and a little hooked root that provides enough offset for a hanging lantern. Please excuse my gallon jug of peanut oil as it is just meant to represent a lantern. The "hook" root that it is hung on is about 78" off the ground. It also has a really cool root that hit a rock and reversed its direction. It still has some trapped bark and it'll probably require a dental pick to remove it. The shaft on this one ranges from 1-1/4" to 2-1/4" in diameter and the root mass requires a 9" square box This was dug and stripped on 10/14/21 and well seasoned it is only 3#11 ozs. (uls8)

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