Extra tall wizard staff


Here is a nice solid Red Maple staff that stands 75-1/2" tall and barely fits in an 8" square box. The roots are sparse but heavy and they form a cradle that would be suitable for an object with a tapered bottom versus spherical, more like a quart or gem. The cradle is more open on one side so the object will likely have to be strapped in. In a few of the pics there is a small 3 ozs. dixie cup just to show the space with a common reference. The shaft on this one is smaller but solid, and it varies from 1" to 1-3/4" in diameter. It was harvested on 9/30/21, and a week later(for reference) it weighs 3# 11ozs. It'll lose more moisture content in a dry environment and it shouldn't be sealed until then. Like most of the others this is a raw material that has only been sized and stripped with a drawknife.(ufws159)
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