Lantern hanging staff


This has to be cut down to ship. I had an inquiry if I could provide a tall staff suitable for hanging a reproduction LED railroad lantern above eye level. It is taller than can be shipped, hence it will have to be cut in two or three pieces and reassembled. I am thinking just a long diagonal scarf joint that you can glue and clamp, but I'll cut a butt joint if you want to try pinning it together, using a collar or knock down hardware . As of now it stands about 7' tall and the shaft varies from 1-1/4" to 2-1/2" in diameter. It is Balsam fir with 3 simple swept roots and a rotten "fairy hole" where another root had died off. The roots are 8" by 8" by 7" tall and the shipping assumes a 76" box, although you can splice it a few times and get away with a smaller box (less to ship) and I will requote it for you. Sorry about my low budget lantern representation in the pics, but you get the idea. The hanging root is about 78" off the ground. This was harvested a few days ago and it weighs 5#5ozs.(9/22/21 for reference). It'll lose a lot more moisture weight and shouldn't be sealed until then. (UFLS2)
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