Lantern hanging staff


Note: This can NOT be shipped full has to be cut and glued back together. If you visit my website and click on the "gallery" I have three pics with captions on how I recommend gluing a scarf joint. If you have other ideas I will entertain them as well. Please realize I need your feedback on where to locate the splice. It can be put towards the bottom or where your gripping range is, then you can conceal it with a material of some sort.
Please note this is a lighter dimensioned lantern staff than the others I have listed. It is a birch that starts at 7/8" diameter and only increases to about 1-1/2", about like a cane. It stands 86-1/2" tall and the lantern hanging branch is about 6'-6" off the ground. Even though it is a lighter staff it will ship in a 9" x 9" x 72"(or shorter) box because I wanted to leave a good offset for a lantern. In the pics I again used my gallon jug of peanut oil just to represent what size lantern would work. This staff was dug and stripped today with a drawknife, hence it needs a lot of prep work and drying time before it can be sealed, It weighed in at (on 10/13/21)3# 5ozs. and I presume it'll lose a third of this weight when it dries.(uls7) Update: this is well seasoned

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