Knock-down lantern hanging staff


Update: After many conversations I cut a knock-down joint in this one to reduce the shipping. The joint starts about 40" off the ground and stops at about 46". The hardware is included and the joint can be left dry, glued and reassembled or concealed with a handgrip.
Please note this is a lighter dimensioned lantern staff than the others I have listed. It is a birch that starts at 7/8" diameter and only increases to about 1-1/2", about like a cane. It stands 86-1/2" tall and the lantern hanging branch is about 6'-6" off the ground. Even though it is a lighter staff it will ship in a 9" x 9" x 48" box because I wanted to leave a good offset for a lantern. In the pics I again used my gallon jug of peanut oil just to represent what size lantern would work. Only the last pic is updated to show the knock-down joint. This staff was dug and stripped on 10/21 with a drawknife and it needs a lot of prep work and before it can be sealed, It weighed about 2#2oz(uls7)

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