Lantern hanging staff


Note: This can NOT be shipped full has to be cut and glued back together. If you visit my website and click on the gallery I have three pics with captions on how I recommend gluing a scarf joint. If you have other ideas I will entertain them as well. Please realize I need your feedback on where to locate the splice. It can be put towards the bottom or where your gripping range is, then you can conceal it with a leather wrap or the like.
This staff is a little shorter than the others. The hanging branch is only 6' off the ground so it might be more suited to shorter individuals. The gallon jug of peanut oil is just a representation of a lantern...obviously not included. The overall height is 82" tall and the shaft ranges from 1-1/8" to 2" (and more) in diameter. This will ship in a box 9" by 9" by 72" (at max) or if it is spliced at a gripping height it'll be about 4'6 long. It was dug and stripped today(10/13/21)and weighed 5# 15ozs. When it dries my guess is it should weigh around 3#6ozs. It is Balsam Fir, a softwood, hence it should dry down pretty fast.(uls6) Update: this is well seasoned

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