Knock-down wizard staff


This is an unfinished, knock-down, packable staff. Please note it was previously listed as a 6' staff and the outdoor pics were taken before it was cut. It now separates into three pieces with simple joints pinned with 3/16" threaded connectors. All you need is a Pozi drive screwdriver (not a phillips) to remove the machine screws and with a little wiggling you can separate the joints. It renders three pieces less than 28" each. If you visit my website and go to the gallery you can see a pic of the knock down joint separated. This is a birch staff with roots that point mainly one direction...except that one guy. It stands 71" tall and the staff ranges from 1-1/4" to 2" in diameter. The staff has subtle curves, a swoop at the top and the root mass occupies a volume of about 8" square by 9" high. It was dug and stripped on 8/25/21 and on 9/15 (for reference) it weighs 3#6ozs. It'll lose a little more weight and it shouldn't be sealed until then.(ufws144)
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