Large wizard staff


Here is a unique Balsam Fir (or two) staff. When I was digging it I presumed it was two individual trees, and the small one was dead. When I cleaned it up I discovered it had one root on common but yet the small tree had it's own tap root. In a Balsam I usually don't see a "sucker" grow off the root stock. A dendrologist could probably tell me is a drooping branch set roots in this specie, but I don't think it can. At any rate where they meet there was decay starting, and you can see the neat hollow it created. It stands 71-1/2" tall and the shaft varies in diameter from 1-1/4" to 2". The roots are 14" tall and take up an 8" square box. The small tree trunk looks like a little tooth with it's own tap root. This was harvested and stripped on 10/4/21 and on 10/10 it weighs 4# 4ozs. It'll lose a lot more water weight and shouldn't be sealed until it does.(ufws169)
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