Large wizard staff


This one is cool to me even though I harvest them daily. A picture doesn't do it justice. The tap root took some time and determination to dig and separate without breaking. The fragipan in the Adirondacks is tough. The result is another graceful Balsam Fir with heavy dimensions. The curved shaft tapers from 2-1/2" to 1-1/2" in diameter and overall it stands 71" tall. There is a nice sweeping crook before the roots and the entire staff barely fits in a 8" square box because of it. The top single tap root is about 7" tall, and the tap root overall length from the array of roots stands about 13" tall. There is a scarred patch where the tree grew around a stone. It was cut and stripped on 8/29/21 and two days later it weighs 5# 3 ozs. This one will probably lose a third of the current weight by the time it dries fully. It will take awhile with this one because of the girth. Use it in the interim, work on it, just don't seal it until it is fully dried. This one could mimic driftwood with the proper surface treatments.(ufws137)
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