Large wizard staff


This is a cool birch staff that came back to the shop entwined with his smaller friend, listed as #147. The two root systems were so tanled that it took some cutting,twisting and rotating to separate them. This one stands almost 71" tall and the thick shaft varies in diameter from 1-5/8" to 2". The roots occupy a space of 8" by 8" by 7" high. It does have a small ball shape but the bark was tight, hence the couple sharp root nodes were shaved off, It also has a neat semi-circular trough where one of the larger roots from the neighbor had passed. It was harvested and stripped on 8/12/21 and a month later it weighs 4# 6ozs. It has some girth to it so it still has a lot of drying left to do before it can be sealed.(ufws145) Updeate: this one is well seasoned
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