Large wizard staff


This is another odd Maple staff. Digging them up is like opening a don't know what to expect. This one stands 70-1/2" tall on a curved shaft that is only 1" to 2-1/4" in diameter. It has a girdled dead scar about 15" long probably from a snowshoe hare. The root mass is the odd part. It is relatively simple structure that has a dead hollow root that runs part way around the head. It also has a bark inclusion that looks like its throat was severed around much of the diameter. It apparently got trampled at a young age but it persisted. It doesn't make a perfect cradle but it would fit a 6" or maybe a 7" ball. This one weighs 1# 15ozs. This is a raw material that has only had the bark stripped with a drawknife. It will require sanding and customizing. (ufws99)
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