Large wizard staff

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Here is another unique Black Cherry staff. This one has an odd gully from an old scar that rotted the pith and healed around it. The rot was isolated and it left an 11" long gully that is about 1/2" by 1/2". It stands 71" tall and besides the gully there is a nice kink in the shaft. The shaft varies from 1-3/8" in diameter to 2", and it already has a lot of splits in it from drying out. The roots of this one are a little simplistic and different. The occupy a space of about 9" by 7" by 9" high. It would support a ball or an object in the fork as long as it was secured in. In a couple pics you can see an old dog tennis ball just for a reference (ball not included). This was harvested on 7/20/21 and on 8/4 it weighs 3# 12ozs. It'll lose more weight when fully seasoned, but it already lost a lot which is apparent from the drying cracks already. Do with it as you may. This is a fresh raw material that has only had the bark stripped with a drawknife.(ufws98)
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