Small wizard stick


Here is a lighter, partially dead birch staff with a peculiar look. The shaft is small in diameter that ranges from 7/8" to 1-5/8" in diameter. It stands 67-1/2" tall and a has a simple two root base along with a dead branch that creates the look. The branch was dead and has some "dry rot" that took over and spread into the roots slightly. "Dry rot" is a misnomer, it was obviously wet enough to rot but once exposed and dried it won't progress any further. Hence the branch is a little weaker than the rest of it but plenty strong for the purpose. Just use some care working on the dead branch and you might even want to reinforce the hollow with some colored resin. From the end view the two roots and branch make a triangular profile about 8" on each side and it takes up a height of about 11", This one weighs 1#14ozs (ufws90)
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